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The Pirates League

Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World® Resort

Captain Jack and his trusted mates are scouring the 7 seas in search of treasure—and new recruits! At The Pirates League, select a pirate style and receive a makeover and training from the League’s veteran pirates. Get a new name, learn some swashbuckling maneuvers and, after taking the official Pirate League Oath be prepared to march in the Parade of Pirates in Adventureland (Parade of Pirates is part of Walt Disney World® experience only).

It’s a Pirate’s Life for You!
Begin your piratical transformation when you receive your Official Pirate Name as recorded from the leather-bound captain’s log. Next, stop by the Muster Station and leave your old self behind as the Pirate Masters perform a marauder’s makeover. Hear the ways of the scurvy sea dogs as they apply yer buccaneer beard, scars, earrings and eye patches. Or even be ye a boney pirate and wear yer skeleton on yer skin!

Once you have fully transformed, enter the Secret Room where your Pirate Portrait is taken for posterity and the Pirate Masters reveal their hidden treasure.



The Pirates League at the Walt Disney World® Resort offers 4 packages: “The First Mate,” “Empress“  “Mermaid,” and “Mermaid Deluxe.”


 The First Mate and Empress Packages
include Choice of facial effect (5 options)*, Reversible bandana, earring and eye patch, sword and sheath, The Pirates League bag, temporary tattoo, unique pirate coin necklace, personalized pirate oath, official pirate name and participation in a daily Adventureland Pirate Parade**

 *The Empress package also includes vibrant makeup, nail polish and face gem! 

Pirates Ghosted Pirate

Ghosted Pirate

Pirates Black Eyed Jack

Black Eyed Jack

Pirates Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Pirates Black Beard

Black Beard

Pirates Zombie





 Mermaid Package

Includes luminous mermaid makeup and makeup palette, hairstyle and color-changing hair clip, distinctive color changing mermaid necklace, nail polish, mermaid sash and participation in a daily Adventureland Pirate Parade**

Mermaid Deluxe Package
Luminous Mermaid Make-up and make-up palette, mermaid hairstyle with color changing hair clip, distinctive mermaid necklace, nail polish, mermaid sash, plus a special mermaid costume T-shirt and tutu!


Costumes, headwear and imaging are sold separately and are available on location at The Pirates League.

Packages at the Pirates League range from $34.95 to $74.95 plus tax.

Make Reservations For The Pirates Leagues at the Walt Disney World® Resort at (407) WDW-CREW or (407) 939-2739.



Please note the following important information: Guests 3 years of age or older must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older during the entire experience. Costume selection available in youth sizing only, sizing may vary.  Subject to restrictions. All prices, package components and information are subject to change without notice. Admission is required to enter Disney Theme Parks. Images shown above reflect The Pirates League experience at the Walt Disney World® Resort. 

Walt Disney World® Resort – **Adventureland Pirate Parade is weather permitting. No discounts apply unless otherwise noted. Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to arrival. A valid accepted credit card number is required at time of booking. A $10 cancellation fee may be applied to such credit card for all no-shows or if reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of experience.


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