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Upcoming Events

Hero Design Studio City Slide

Artist Showcase with Hero Design Studio

January 10 - January 11

Disneyland® Resort
Meet the creators of Hero Design Studio!

Artist Showcase with Jerrod Maruyama and Noah

January 16 - January 17

Disneyland® Resort
Meet artists Jerrod Maruyama and Noah!
Raymond Swanland Last Look Back slide

Artist Showcase with Raymond Swanland

January 17 - January 18

Disneyland® Resort
The Little Red House Space Slide

Artist Showcase with The Little Red House

January 17 - January 18

Disneyland® Resort
Find something for everyone on your list!
Drake Brodahl Aliens Slide

Artist Showcase with Drake Brodahl

January 24 - January 25

Disneyland® Resort
Drake Brodahl is coming to the Disneyland® Resort!
Robinina Tea Slide

Artist Showcase with Robinina

January 31 - February 1

Disneyland® Resort
Don't miss a special signing with Robinina!